Buddhirjnanamsammoha kshama Satyam Damah Shamah l
Sukham Dukham Bhavoabhaavo Bhayam Chaabhayameva cha ll 10.4 ll

Ahimsa Samta Tushtitapo Daanam Yashoayashah l
Bhavantibhava Bhutanaam Matta Eva Prithagvidya ll 10.5 ll

( Intelligence, knowledge, freedom from doubt and delusion, forgiveness, truthfulness, control of senses, control of mind, happiness, birth, death, fear, fearlessness, non violence, equanimity, satisfaction, austerity, charity, fame, infamy- all these qualities of living beings are created by me alone.10.4-5)

The above excerpts from Srimad Bhagwad Geeta, not only unfold the supreme power of Almighty but also the extent of the reign of the qualities created by God Himself. After the God created the man and these qualities, the school is the only agency left, which can prove very assertive in achieving the goals of society and global vision of nations.

At Army Public School, Jalandhar Cantt, we look forward at chiselling out the inborn humane aspects in all Japsians and strive to nurture them further upto the mark of excellence. We aim at overall and completely matured personality and growth of all our students.

Our vision is to make education a child centred affair, filled with new and innovative ideas and futuristic approaches. With ever fresh attitudes of staff and die hard mind set of the students, we are working for a better tomorrow for all of us.

May God bless us.

Ashok K Jain